Home Services In Conroe, Texas

We provide top-tier home services at an affordable price to all homeowners in Conroe, Texas. Our team of handymen is made up of certified roofers and jack-of-all-trades maintenance men. Whatever you need to be fixed or updated around your home, we can get the job done. We also make sure we have clear communication with you so that we can set realistic expectations with you and discuss timeframes. 

For a top-tier home, you need services of the same quality. We take the time to prioritize the quality of our work to make sure that our quality of services never decreases. From the inside of your home to the outside, there’s not much we can’t do for you. As general handymen contractors as well as roofers, our services are all-encompassing to ensure you get everything repaired. 

We are a one-stop contractor shop for you. Whether you have one small thing in your home that needs a repair or a plethora of repairs needed, we can make sure it gets done. 

Home Updates

We are the only team you will ever need for your home updates. Our team has a strong and wide skillset ready to be put to work in your home. From flooring and drywall repair or installation to a fresh coat of paint, we can bring an updated look to your home’s interior. We work with Sherwin Williams to give you the highest quality paint job possible. 

Our painting services can help remove the appearance of water stains from past damage or cover up your child’s unsupervised coloring session. If you just want to brighten up a room or add an accent wall, we can change up the color palette of your home for your new look. It is refreshing to add in a new style every so often, so if you are ready to spruce up your home in Conroe, Texas, the Saxon Roofing & Repair team is at your service. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint on the interior or exterior, we can get your home updated.

Home Repairs 

Our repair services cover all indoor and outdoor repair needs. From drywall repair inside to fencing or gutter repair on the exterior, we can remove the damaged area and install a new section.

We can also repair any type of drywall, and we have style-matching experts. The drywall repair will appear seamless, so whether you need to repair a small patch or you are doing a large home renovation, we can make sure the drywall blends in with the rest of your home’s style.

If your fence has seen better years, we can replace just the old section or get you set up with a new fencing system completely. We have the tools and knowledge for anything you might need. One of the reasons we shine above the rest of the Conroe, Texas contractors is that we aren’t limited to just working on roofing alone. If you have a roof in need of repair we can take care of it, and we can additionally work on your fence, gutters, siding, removal, and installation of solar panels, and more. 

If your home needs work in many different areas, our team can work on each area. Our services are all-encompassing, so we are truly a one-stop shop for your general home repair needs.

Call Saxon Roofing & Repair 

We can get your home in Conroe, Texas looking great and feeling even more like home. Whether you need a repair or a helping hand in your home renovations, the Saxon team can help you achieve your goals for the function and appearance of your home. Whether you want to increase your curb appeal or you want to tear down a wall to open up the layout in your home, we can do the heavy lifting. Contact us when you need a home repair or update, or call us today at (936) 718-7663.

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